AI decides what we will eat in the future

McCormick, the world's largest spice manufacturer, has announced plans to develop new flavors using AI. Developing new flavors is a challenge that usually requires a lot of time and an incredible amount of experimentation. This process can now be significantly shortened with the help of AI. Although machines cannot taste, of course, they are the critical resource in developing new flavors or tastes. That is because algorithms are able to quickly learn and predict new flavor combinations from hundreds of millions of data points across sensory science, consumer preferences and flavor palettes. This saves time and therefore costs. A leader in this field is the U.S.-based startup Tastewise, which mines publicly available data - such as online recipes, menus and social media - and uses machine learning to gain real-time insights into current food trends. It helps companies figure out what's popular, what's trending, and what's about to take off. In this way, AI helps predict food trends and provides insight into what ingredients, flavors, and dishes foodies are currently looking for. This helps companies produce more targeted products. This - better - insight into consumer trends also helps to reduce food waste and thus conserve resources.