Communication trend January 2021: The FDP's marketing and communication strategy

The FDP's current marketing is the DMC DeLorean of marketing strategies. It looks great and futuristic, but hardly gets you where you want to go. The goals set for the Epiphany meeting were clear: tackle social, economic and ecological issues; smart, efficiently and effectively. Not all the goals are new and many concepts are already known, but they have not been stated in such a concise manner in a long time.

Nevertheless, they have had a hard time in recent months. As a liberal party, and being in the opposition, you're on pins and needles during a pandemic anyway - but you should be careful not to blame current failures on the actual mission statement or party program. The party of co-thinkers that really tackles problems in a targeted political manner. World-class education, effective climate policy, equal opportunities and tax, as well as bureaucratic relief; the approaches are sexy. However, they do not work.

Survey values caught up in between the alcohol levels of warm white wine spritzer and Becks cause frustration. Of course, the causes are numerous: