ICABR Conference Ravello, 11. - 14. June

Since 1960, global food production has increased by 390%, while land use has only increased by 10%. Nevertheless, food systems are responsible for 21 to 37% of greenhouse gas emissions. The OECD emphasizes the triple challenge for agriculture: ensuring sufficient, affordable, safe and nutritious food, preserving livelihoods and promoting sustainability while combating climate change. To achieve this, innovations to increase crop productivity and a circular bioeconomy are needed. To achieve these goals, policy must encourage investment in productivity, implement appropriate regulations and facilitate the introduction of innovations without excessive regulatory restrictions. Farmers need access to technologies that increase yields, income and soil health while protecting the environment.

The topics are diverse - "The role of increased productivity", "Political measures to improve the sustainable growth of the food system" or "Development of sustainable technologies". International scientists and company representatives will present the latest findings and discuss ways in which sustainable solutions can be implemented profitably.

The keynotes will be given by Carolyn Fischer, Research Manager of the Sustainability and Infrastructure Team, World Bank, Douglas Gollin, the Jason P. and Chloe Epstein Professor of Economics at Tufts University and Keith Fuglie, senior economist with the Economic Research Service (ERS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Registration and further information at: https://icabr.net/icabr-conference-2024/